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Hope Island has a lot of great players and a lot of regulars that show up on a near daily basis to hang out. This is great, however, it is leading to a lot of the time there isn't really much going on because everyone is congregating in the diner and being social.

There's nothing wrong with this, mind; the diner fills a very useful purpose as a place people can socialize and do lightweight RP when there's nothing else going on.

However, when all we do is hang out in the diner, we're kind of starving ourselves of RP opportunities. Also, the diner is a very difficult place for newcomers to come and play; we are a friendly and inviting crowd, but it is easy for a newcomer to feel intimidated or like they have nobody to RP with because most of the diner regulars know everyone else there. It's a high barrier to entry.

The idea behind RP day is that we take one day of the week and avoid the diner. On RP day, we will advance plot lines, we will advertise that day to newcomers so they can join in, we will try to tell stories and let our creativity loose. On RP day, we will do our best to avoid just sitting in the diner – whether it be altogether as a MUCK with everyone involved, or splintered into groups telling their own stories, let's make an effort to be more active.

Designated Days

In order to try and get as many people involved as possible, we will alternate days, so that folks have a decent chance of making a plot on any given day.

Starting on August 3rd, 2021 we will alternate between Tuesdays and Thursdays on the following schedule:

RP Day Schedule
Tues 8/3
Thurs 8/12
Tues 8/16
Thurs 8/26
Tues 8/31
(And so forth)

Folks are welcome to run their own plots amongst friends at whatever time is good for them, though for larger group plots we'll try to run them from about 1 PM eastern until about 4 PM eastern (or whenever people start having to go).

If these dates/times do not work for you, feel free to communicate that and we will try to accomodate you! In an ideal world, we'll actually run a couple different plot lines in parallel and alternate between them, and to shift times around enough that people can attend more often than not.


Hope Island tends to be pretty dead on the weekends, so when making this schedule, weekends were purposefully excluded. That said, if there are people out there hankering for some weekend roleplay, I would be happy to add weekend days to the mix. Please submit your feedback to Ari on Hope Island if you would like to see weekend days added to the schedule rotation.

Plot Lines

People are invited to look at the plotlines page to see what active plots are in progress. It is recommended that you contact the plot-runner if there's something you are particularly interested in.

The 'rp' command on MUCK will be used to coordinate things that will happen on RP day, so keep your eye on that schedule!

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