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This page was started July 19th, 2021 – we have had MANY plots in the course of this MUCK's existance, but going forward we want things to be easier for people to hop in on so we'll try to document them here.

Active Plot Lines

The following plot lines are active! Each plot should have a summary of what's going on, and whom to talk to if you want to get involved. Once a plot line is done, please either remove it from this list or add it to the Past Plotlines list.

The Raiders of the Temple of the Doomed Crusade
In the jungles of old Peru lay ancient treasures, priceless to some. The warlords in the area have been known to be locked in constant struggles, that is until recently. There is a cult that has taken hold and united the area. A collector has contacted the captain of the Pathfinder, and wants to liberate a particular treasure, so a group will need to go in and find a way to retreive it. Logs: Grace RP Day 1 (Sorry, didn't get logs on the other days!) - The mask has been liberated and is awaiting its buyer, but the mystery continues! Grace
The pirates have been determined to use speedboats to prey on ships. Lead apparently by a capybara, these pirates are probably operating out of one of the channel islands. Join us as we continue to investigate! Ari
Hope Island

Future Plot Lines

These are ideas that we would like to run with in the future. Feel free to contribute more ideas! You can leave runner as Anybody if you are just pitching an idea and you are happy for anyone to take it and run with it but do not want to run it yourself.

Town Preparedness
It would probably be a good idea for the town to prepare for disasters such as potential invasions, fires, and storms. The idea here is to run drills for the town. Ari
Hope Island
What Lies Below?
Not too many people on the island remember the strange loaner big cat Juniper who lives outside of town and is fiercely defensive of her land. Nobody's sure what happened to her, but whatever she was guarding is going to reveal itself. Ari
Hope Island
Workshopping the Workshop!
Kayla has been working on renovating and improving the workshop and radio station. These two pillars of Hope Island infrastructure are important parts of the island, so let's join her for the grand opening! Kayla
Hope Island

Past Plot Lines

Any plot line that you'd like to keep for historical purposes will go here. When this list gets too big, we'll make it a separate page.

Trouble in the Red Light District
The rapes and murders in the red light district turned out to be rumors spread by a jilted lover. That lover is now on the run and may surface again in the future. Yili
San Pedro
The First Mayoral Election!
Sheridan announced that he was stepping down due to health issues, and to hand leadership over to someone new. Ari, Isidore, and KamiLo were recommended for the next mayor. Isidore declined to run, so the race was between Ari and Kamilo. Voting was open for two weeks, and at the end of it, Ari won the election by 3 votes! Sheridan
Hope Island
6/27/21 - 7/12/21
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