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This page contains information about the “rest of the world” as known by the residents of Hope Island. Still a work in progress!



North America


Crossroads of the world, if you can get to Albuquerque you can get anywhere… but you probably end-up lost.

Bison Peak

A small, relatively peaceful town nestled in the northern Rocky Mountains. Jet grew up there, and he often speaks of it fondly. There's nothing particularly remarkable about the place, but considering some other parts of the world, maybe that's remarkable in and of itself.

Cali States

Home to a weird cult of wastelanders who collect bottlecaps. Uses Bears (gold, approximately quarter-sized) and Eagles (silver, approximately nickel-sized, ten to the bear) Currency is considered equivalent to Puget Sound currency.

Los Angeles Metro: San Pedro

One of the largest cities of the Cali States it serves as a hub for the area.

Los Angeles Metro: Tinseltown

Tinseltown (or Tinsel Town as some locals like to call it), sits in the hills just north of San Pedro. The two communities are in a symbiotic relationship and their presence stabilizes the area between and around them. Allowing a number of small farming settlements to flourish.

Los Angeles Metro: Vandenberg Air Force Base and Space Port

North from the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area sits the Vandenberg AFB, recently taken over by the Obsidian Brotherhood this base is probably their largest asset outside their HQ. It is heavily secured and has plenty of secrets.

The Cape Cod Area

Uses Lobster Tails (gold, lobster-tail shaped coinage, approximately half-dollar size) and Cod Scales (silver, scale-shaped coinage, approximately dime-sized, twenty to the lobster tail). Currency is considered equivalent to Chesapeake Bay currency.

Chesapeake Bay

Uses Blue Crabs (gold, blue crab stamped coinage, approximately half-dollar size) and Oysters (silver, approximately dime-sized, twenty to the blue crab). Currency is considered equivalent to Cape Cod currency.

Federated States

A series of city-states along the Arkan River. Uses Federated States Dollars (silver, approximately nickel-sized).

Puget Sound

The area dominated by the cities of Seatac and Vancouver. Uses Kitsap Salmon (gold, approximately quarter-sized) and Trout (silver, approximately nickel-sized, ten to the salmon). Currency is considered equivalent to Cali States currency.


The Sinkhole the name for the radioactive wasteland that surround the ruins of Washington DC and by extend used to indicate the capital itself. The DC ruins is rich in oldtec but only the desperate and crazy dare to make a trip through the sinkhole. There are no (permanent) settlements within 15 miles from the edge of the sinkhole. Any attempt to settlement is thwarted by machines that can take on the appearance of residents, infiltrating the settlements and causing it to collapse from the inside. Some believe the machines do this as part of a 'guardian protocol' initially meant to defend the capital but that has gone haywire.

Sin City

City state located inside the wasteland, one of the major East - West trading routes passes through it but it is still somewhat avoided as Sin City is known as a city where raiders run free, slavery is acceptable, and generally anarchy runs rampant.


Largely the territory of an aggressive tribe known as the Flame Scions, known for their excellent metalwork and their tendency to steal bits of technology to sacrifice to their deity, the Voice in Fire.

Temple Mountain

A small little know installation from the olden times located within Wyoming, this underground facility had been operational up until very recently. Now stripped of anything resembling technology, it is merely a shell of its former self, as well as the final resting place of most of the splinter group known as the Scions of the Circuit.

Central America


A large city in what was once the United Mexican States, it is well known for its high population of insect folk, to the point there are several hives present in the area.

South America

Peru, The Locker

Built over the airport in Lima, a small city built around Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters in the region. The area had been in the past years a hotbed of warlord struggles over control. Recently fighting has died down as a new religion has been catching on, and the warlords find it hard to keep the populace involved in their struggles, which has taken the fire out of the fight as the warlords count on popular support for their fight.


The Mashriq Caliphate

One of the larger kingdoms in the part of the Middle East covering western Asia and eastern North Africa. The area is still rich in petroleum and also trades in precious gems and metals for items that are harder to produce locally due to the arid climate such as textiles and spices and certain foods.



A shaky but powerful confederation of warlords and city-states along the coastal regions of Western and Middle Africa. Order is maintained through a combination of necessitated trade and the military might of diesel-fuelled ships and vehicles. No currency has been specified, but the region remains rich in crude oil even after the apocalypse.


The Spire

An advanced City State located somewhere in what was once known as China. It has advanced technology that most of the world could only dream about, but due to its high population density and low geographic footprint it has trouble feeding its population and is looking at ways to expand.


New Russian Empire

The communistic New Russian Empire rose up from the ashes of the Russian Federation. It claims the territory of the old Soviet Union and then some. Its capital is purported to be Moscow.



Atlantic Ocean


A city built in the atlantic ocean, while most of it was built underwater its Gilden Towers rise-up from the depths and into the sky. Atlantia has a large avian population who enjoy living in the beautiful towers.

Pacific Ocean


International Space Station

Relic of the beforetimes, the ISS keeps vigil on the world below.

The Celestial Palace

An advanced space based facility orbiting Saturn.

The Allan Quartermain

A ship that was dispatched to Alpha Centauri launched by the North American Union's Federal Aerospace Science Agency as part of the Manifest Destiny Program. It mission nominally a failure it is on its return trip. Them have an interest that it arrives and hope it might end-up docking with the ISS.

Cults, Groups, Companies, and other Organizations


Cults have a distinct religious character to them, they have an object of worship, this can be a person, a thing, or even a philosophy.

The Cult of the V8

A cult worshiping old technology. Virgil is a priest of the cult.


General Atomics

A before times military and civilian contractor, it was most well known for its hand in the construction of nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants. Less well know to the public was its ventures into other industries including aerospace, perimeter defense, weapon, and AI development.

Long Company

A merchants' guild based in the Pacific Ocean that specializes in food and old-world salvage. Eschewing currencies, they do all their trade in barter. They've opened a general store in Little Sands, which is operated by Marco.

Other Organisations


Who are Them? Nobody knows, but Them seem to have an interest in this sadly fallen world. Them have recruited fixers to help achieve their goals.

The Obsidian Brotherhood

A secretive mercenary company active throughout the entire mainland, they are rumored to have strongholds in contemporary New Mexico and the Yucca Mountains. They are rumored to only accept reptiles as members.

Other Projects

The Zodiac Projects

The UN sponsored an number of international projects to help safeguard the future of humanity, these were known as The Zodiac Projects.

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